Monday, June 2, 2008

Kilim Langkawi Mangrove Tour

Another worlds spread over Nature Park features a beautiful mix of Well protected green mangrove forest ,along the calm winding river that you will be exposed to the wonder to the wonders of the extict marine ecosystem ,flora and fauna around its natural habitats like the Brown eagle ,Iguanas and Macaques .
Enjoy the scenic and spectacular views of unique limestone rock formation emerging from the floor of the mangrove swamp and sea .This fascinating geological wonder have been variously dubbed as Temple of Borobudur . The hanging gardens, explore Gua Cerita ( Cave of Legends ) and Gua Kelawar ( Bat Cave ) a tapped in tales of mysteries and romance .
Booking boat only RM150 for one hour

Discover the Natural beauty and tranguility of the island .Langkawi has approximately 8000 hectares of untouched mangrove your tour will leave from Kilim Jetty ,which is situated in the north-east in the region of the island .

Your Tour Last 2-3 hour in which time you will enjoy ;

The Mangrove


Eagle Feeding
Be a part of the eagle feeding experience as these predators wait silently to swoop down on the feed thrown into the water by the boatmen . Eagle Feeding (Get close to nature. Watch hundreds of Brahminy Kites Eagle and White Belly Sea Eagle soaring gracefully on their angular wings outwit each other)

The Bat Cave ( Gua Kelawar ) -
(This is the famous cave of Langkawi as there are thousand of bats which inhabit in this cave. Also witness and appreciate the beauty of the stalagmites and stalatites which took million of years to form).

The Crocodile Cave

The Fish Farm -
There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Langkawi but none of them is floating on river. This stream is not like most people know rivers. It is part of the amazing scenery of the Kilim Mangrove Forest and its surrounding is so impressive that it is hard to describe only with words. But let us get back to the restaurant. Have a quick guess what our food specialities are. Yes, you are absolutely right, thats it....seafood .10minute boat ride from the KILIM river jetty .Try your hand at feeding the tame stringrays at the fish farm .

My charge is
RM250 for charter one boat max 8 person .
And if you need to lunch at the fish farm with the fresh seafood we charge RM25.00 per person .
You will contact my
phone no :
019-4795323 Ali bin Long

If you want to adventures
bankin to my Maybank account no 102072031748
See you at KILIM JETTY .
Thank You